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28 October 2000

  • gsx homepage moved to sourceforge
17 October 2000
  • Released gsx 0.90e
27 September 2000
  • Released gsx 0.90d
18 September 2000
  • Released gsx 0.90c
11 September 2000
  • Released gsx 0.90b

General info:

gsx is a Scour Exchange client, which simulates the Windows Scour Exchange client. gsx is currently in development so you can only search and download files and maintain a user hotlist. Lately ability to discontinue and resume file downloads has been added. Michael Walker contributed with a piece of code to preview files during download.


  • Search the SX community for a vast variety of files.
  • Download files fast and reliably.
  • Ability to discontinue downloads and resume them from a different client.
  • Maintain a hotlist of favorite clients.
  • Preview files while they are downloaded.
  • Remain anonymous, only your IP number and port is visible from the outside.

Upcoming features:

  • Ability to upload files to the SX community.
  • Advanced search, by connection/filesize/type.
  • Get ping-times to clients at search.
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