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Screenshots are from version 0.90e.

If gsx is unable to find configuration files, it will automatically launch a configuration and registering window.

Searching for files, the screenshot also features the popupmenu. As seen from the statusbar at the bottom of the window there are quite a number of files shared out to the SX community (the total filesize is in KB). MD5 is also provided for easier comparing of different found files.

Downloading file, the screenshot also features the popupmenu. gsx calculates downloading speeds and predicts ETA of the downloads. The Status column gives useful information to the user about the status of the download.

Upload files window, not supported yet. This is an upcoming feature.

Discontinued downloads window, at the left in the search-result window, files with similar MD5 is shown. This way gsx provides a flexible way of discontinuing and resuming downloads.

User hotlist, at the right online/offline user are shown at the left a users files is shown. Features popupmenu.

gsx Message box, here internal messages are shown. The message box gives information about the inner workings of gsx, good for debugging.

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